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This evening friend and I trogged off to a nearby village church for their nine lessons and carols.  Here we were: small stone church, the epitome of English villageyness; a great splurge of candlelight (I counted more than a hundred flames); evergreens, red and silver baubles, ribbons, crib; robed cleric, choir of respectable seniors.  Cosy, yes?

Well, yes. But the singing, more determined than tuneful (and I definitely contributed to the untunefulness) was not a performance but an enactment, and the not very skilled flute, tenor recorder and fiddle gave an edge to the organ music.  Brownie points for having no Rutter and a careful assortment of familiar and unfamiliar songs.  Moreover, the lessons and carols put the government-by-an-occupying-power, the mass infanticide and some other uncomfortable elements (such as sin and crucifixion) back into Christmas.

Radio 3 is broadcasting a lavish assortment of European classical and folk Christmas music today, and I turned the programme on again when I got in.  Suddenly it sounded anodyne.

Christmas spinney


The power of a venerable ritual


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