Monthly Archives: August 2019

Watching with my eyes closed


It has been a day full of recalcitrances, various:  rusted-in bolts;  institutional forms that nothing human could complete without error; the Great Document Hunt of 2019; the sheer physical resistance of damp grass.

So yes; the advantage of a familiar film – knowing what the pops, whoops, scratching noises, clicks, and occasional explosions mean without having to actually look.  I took to the recliner and duly reclined.

Screen time


I’m listening to The Martian (Weir) more or less on repeat:  presumably my psyche bracing for adversity.  Finding and printing a map was a fiddle, though not nearly as much of a fiddle as retrieving the family cookbook from ancient Appleworks into pdf into Word, adding in bits from Pages en route.

Not on screen:  one or two of the pegged-down begonia leaves are trying, but not the red ones, which insist on dissolving into the compost.

Dust and ashes


August isn’t necessarily the best month to incinerate the past, and my face is now very pink, but at least there is no heatwave at the moment, and nor did I set the chimney on fire in my enthusiasm.

Difficult to say which bits of paper were most depressing; the invoices for emergency dental treatment were a definite low point, however.

Last of a set


Ah the pleasure of the slow stopper:

How one relaxes into the solitude…

Much later, and across the Severn by road, Wales began (as usual) to rain.

A black carpet gives you warning, and blocked plumbing realises your worst fears.  One of the nearest-and-dearests reconstituted himself as the Human Plunger and, with a technique never matched except in the most dramatic fake CPR seen in medical soaps, dislodged the sludge.  (My hero.)  This left us with the problem of walking without touching the carpet (fairly easy) and of sleeping without touching the sheets (fairly difficult).

The event itself involved the usual scrum, with an excellent mitigation: an official quiet room.  Here I joined the autistic-spectrum mates and rellies and ate my plate of buffet in peace.