36 hours, and being Dickens there is a lot of redundancy, so it doesn’t matter if your attention wanders for a minute or two.  This came in handy for a number of very dull jobs, and in fact is well read.  I find Boz quite annoying, but every now and then I can’t help bursting into laughter,

One of the dull jobs:  skipped it last year, but now it’s back to stirring and reconstituting neglected glazes, dried to solid discs at the bottom of pots.  Also hunting for a low temperature glaze recipe which – and this is the key thing – uses up those bags of ingredients already sitting dustily on the shelf.  Gerstley borate?  No.  Lead bisilicate? No.  EPK? No.  Ummm…

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  1. Where can we buy your pottery? Anyplace stateside? Have not yet read Nicholas Nickleby but spent a cherished three weeks recently listening to Bleak House. It was perfection.

    • I am touched that you would ask 🙂 The pots I make are sometimes quite cosy but not up to professional standards – a bit like the difference between a home made cake and the work of a pâtissier – so I don’t usually sell them unless there is a charity gig or a local craft fair. Thank you though 🙂

      Who was the reader for that Bleak House? Always worth knowing a good one! Nickleby is no Bleak House, but the Infant Phenomenon and Mr Mantalini are cherishable characters, and the amorousness of Mrs Squeers is one of the creepiest things in literature, for my money.

      • Sean Barrett and Teresa Gallagher are the narrators and they were excellent. I downloaded it from Audible. And if you ever come to Santa Barbara we have an awesome Sunday craft fair at the beach 😀

        • Thank you, both pieces of information noted 🙂 🙂

          Nicholas Nickleby is free on Audible at the moment btw (don’t know if you have different offers in the US though).

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