Monthly Archives: February 2019

Municipal magnanimity


in an Edwardian businessman allows us still to enjoy this for free.  (Click thumbnail for gallery)


There was far more than the eye could digest in one visit.  And I forgot to put anything in the collecting box (which was not shoved under one’s nose at all, and therefore deserves to be filled generously).  And there is what sounds like a really interesting lecture coming up.  Three very good reasons for making a swift return visit.

Back turned to the sea


although it was quite a pretty sea.  I provided myself with a sturdy driftwood plodge prodder and went fossicking for plodge along the cliff line.

The sandstone was not useful

and nor was the iron.

Prospecting marks definitely are useful at decision time; I saw one or two puzzled faces as I walked backwards down the beach making them.

The colours are tempting, but too knobbly to collect.