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Things to do when you can’t sleep: lxxvi


lxxvi  :  Medicate

And while you are about it, you might as well try to see a total lunar eclipse, wearing all your outdoor clothes indoors, in deference to the huge viral and bacterial load.

The penumbral phase was indiscernible, the moon’s brightness varying too much with the passing clouds.  Once the umbra began to bite the edge of the disc, however, it was possible to see the shadow line move, and, in a few better moments, the coppery red of the shaded segment shone out.

It’s not the same through glass, and it’s not the same through clouds, but a better way to pass a small hour than mere medication.

Lively posts


The experiment ended in a demonstration of the finer points of sod’s law. Well wouldn’t it just.

After a full complement of transport, people, retail and noise, it was good to reach our backwater.  In the dusk, one pole was emitting strident chatter and tattle in many voices.  Yeats thought they were brawling, but to me it sounds more like a cheerfully acrimonious reunion.

Then something large flicked past the corner of my eye: perched, turning its back to me, shrugging its shoulders up, preening, some unidentifiable and disdainful raptor.

I looked at the other posts all down the road, but no more.

Water runs on


Three o’clock on a January afternoon was not necessarily the best time to visit.  I saw four ducks, though a number of small jobs twitted, whistled and chucked invisibly.  (Click thumbnail for gallery.)