Monthly Archives: November 2018

It had a lot of books in it


and also a lot of rain. The combination is not ideal.

Lots of bargains and lots of curiosities.  I’m not entirely sure why this one took my eye, but will report on it in due course.

The sky took a break as I walked home.

Hoarding makes you happy


Today needed treats – and received them.  The sun shone right through the cathedral.

Museum items on display included an astonishingly massive gold torc

a bronze spear

and a money-box almost 2000 years old.

The quiche was good too.  And I visited my favourite urn.

Proper season


Eyes ahead past the nefarious persons standing sentry at each end of the underpass.

The yellows are fine this year, picking up luminously as the small torch passed,

accumulating into drifts here and there.

Death always draws a line, and, with spectacular symbolic timing, Fluffers’ death has drawn a long one.