The cosmic chicken (omitted)


I rather like this as a title for a blog post (though not going to publish the post to which it belongs, and the title is not particularly funny without it).  I wish it held the seed of a poem, but that is probably wishful thinking.

The cosmic omitted chicken post itself is quite dull.  Instead I offer an image from today; the waves were best seen from indoors, while we absorbed wraps full of shredded duck (no relation).


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  1. All right, it may not be thrilling or amusing, but that is the ultimate February picture: dreary, raw, uncomfortable weather. Bravo!

    And I’m going to be wondering about cosmic chickens for days.

  2. I think there is a potential poem,
    but it might be hard to find.
    You might spend ages scribbling
    only to bin the lot …
    You could just jot down the ideas
    then leave it to simmer
    on the back burner …
    …and you probably have other ways
    of stimulating the flow …
    Good luck ! 🤞

    • I’m still trying to get hold of the reason why the chicken was omitted from a context where it obviously belonged. Maybe if I can grasp that, or even draw a line around the hole…

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