Regressing to phonics


Lots of technical vocabulary in this one.  Some of the authors translate or define the Greek terms they use; some just transliterate; and some don’t bother at all.  Which leaves me, with my primitive half-familiarity with the Greek alphabet, painfully sounding out words, and hoping they will come out as something vaguely familiar and guessable.

A few are fairly easy given a context – I could cope with θεολογια; and γνωσις was doable.  But προσαρμοσας?  Urg.

As for the English language parts:  some of these sentences and paragraphs will remain mysterious to me for ever.  But that’s another story.


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    • Hmmm … do you think you might be taking this blog just a tiny bit too seriously? (On the other hand, while you were researching, did you happen to find a translation/definition??) 🙂

      • Your diagnosis is probably spot on …
        … the short response to the other question is “no” …
        I copied and pasted “προσαρμοσας” into Safari on my phone :
        many results looked useful,
        but turned out to be lengthy documents
        (I found no way to locate the snippet).
        So I settled for :
        it is used by poets,
        and may have been incorrectly rendered when the Bible was translated from Greek to Latin … 😀

          • Google still shocks me by suggesting a website about football (in which I have never shown the slightest interest) as soon as a couple of letters have been entered …🏛

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