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I found a very useful lightning map, and watched the storms come trogging up the Channel long before they reached my part of the world.  Thus I was sitting up ready in bed, curtains drawn back, watching for the first flashes when they began.  It was a good storm, though not a classic; lightning in profusion, often every second or two, mostly glowing weirdly in the clouds, sometimes rushing like rivers horizontally across the sky, occasionally laying itself out in archetypal dendritic patterns.  We were on the skirts of the action, so much of this happened in silence, with just a few of the nearer bolts banging and rumbling – nothing to frighten the horses – and the excitement was over in about 90 minutes.

Bit sleepy today, though.


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    • seems to be the result of lots of people with lightning detector equipment in their back gardens, continually uploading data to the website, which somehow integrates it all onto a map. You can see what’s going on in (almost) real time or look at past days’ info. Doesn’t predict as such, though from the live map you can see where the storms are heading after you’ve watched a while, so you can do a sort of short term prediction for yourself. Based only on the correlation between what I was watching on-screen, and what actually turned up on Tuesday night, it seemed to work. I doubt that it is perfectly accurate for every strike, and sometimes the maps don’t work properly, so maybe it is a bit glitchy. It was interesting to watch.

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