Washing up water



I’ve got the numbers for our local rainfall, or rather lack of it, and it’s been below average since July last year.

And in the last 31 days?

Maybe five millimetres.

I’m now into using the washing up water for my poor suffering garden.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got the spring we had a couple years ago. The last few days have been pleasant, but we’ve been waterlogged this year. According to the official tally, we’ve had more than 1,300mm (nearly 53 inches) of rain since Oct 1.

    • Humph, that is an alarming total. I do wish you could bail out a couple of inches over my place – but please feel free to keep the other fifty yourselves 🙂

    • Yes, I heard about that and it sounded as if you were having a bad time. We’ve had some very dry summers here occasionally, but this is early in the year to have all the water butts empty. No watering/hosepipe ban, (yet!) but our water is metered so we tend to self-regulate the use of hoses!

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