Reindeer and the garden have cut severely into reading time.  In a remnant, I have caught up with one of my Bargains.

Reading about the ancient games was a strange mixture:  some aspects so familiar, and most so entirely alien.  I offer one quotation.

Kleomedes of Astypalaia, though denied victory in the boxing at the 492 BC Olympiad – because he killed his opponent – and despite a subsequent fit of madness that caused the deaths of sixty schoolchildren, … was likewise paid heroic honours, sanctioned by the Delphic oracle.  (p 168)


Elsewhere, I stole some time from the garden to go shopping.  Prize of the day was buttons.  Not quite sure what to do with them, but buttons always come in.  (Don’t they?)


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  1. The ancients were pretty strange at times, though they probably say the same about us. A friend just gave me a silk bag full of old buttons. Might use them some time but for now the transparent silk bag hangs from a door handle and makes a satisfying clunking noise when I pass.

    • I definitely get that, though the ancients might not (did they have buttons??). Goes back to being very very small and playing with my mother’s old/spare buttons – that satisfying complex rattle as they pour out of the tin.

  2. My mother was a great one for changing buttons. She had the time and the patience to transform a lesser jacket or shirt to something more interesting with some different buttons. And, my grandmother never threw buttons away, consequently I’ve inherited a very mixed bag!

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