Minutt for minutt


(for about a week).

NRK (Norwegian broadcasting) is televising and live streaming the reindeer migration (reinflytting – excellent word!)  in the far north of Norway, all day, every day, until the reindeer arrive wherever it is they are going.  Probably take about a week … along the way there are musical interludes, but, though some of the pieces are lovely, the natural sound is even better.  When the music is playing I can leave the screen burbling in the corner, but once it goes silent I can’t look away.

At the moment the reindeer group which is being followed is having a little snooze.  If you would like to watch them having a little snooze for an hour or so, this is the link:


Oooo – I think a couple of them may have woken up … and yes … noses to the north it is.

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  1. Finally got to watch this as not available on phone. Brilliant. Makes herding cats took like a doddle. They’re all over the place!

    • (and the occasional zooming of snowmobiles) – yes I like the sense of being there, and obviously the bands and groups aren’t there, so it scuppers the illusion. I think this is the most restful of the slow programmes I’ve seen so far. Certainly the most beautiful.

          • The herd moved more slowly than expected (blizzard on Sunday) and the film crew had used up the time allocated for the programme. (Also one suspects they were demanding hot baths and hot dinners and hot beds by then!) They were going to film the reindeer swimming across the strait, which was meant to be today, but again the weather was bad, and the forecast worse, and the herders decided to arrange barges instead. Presumably it costs quite a lot, so they wouldn’t do it lightly – I was slightly handicapped working out what was going on by lack of Norwegian. Sulks. But one wouldn’t want to be a witness at a mass drowning.

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