Placid day


Well first, there were two slow-worms in the compost bin, basking under the heat-trap plastic covers.  This is the younger of the two.

Then the violets are spreading ever further about the grass at the back – fully justifying my failure to mow regularly, as evidently they are having the chance to set and distribute seed.  The camera even caught some of the colour today, instead of rendering it a mere blue.

And I settled down to a treat.  I saw a copy of this at Sarum College and became both besotted and acquisitive.  (Thank goodness for online second hand bookshops.)  Not a facsimile, of course, just a reprint; coping with all that black letter would be a challenge too far.  We owe some wonderful English to Tyndale as his work was so extensively pinched for the Authorised Version not many years later,

but the prologues are improbably fascinating in themselves, documents to the fermenting Reformation then in progress.  You can quite see why prologues, marginalia, and glosses were subsequently forbidden to be included, and are still omitted from most Bibles to this day.

I haven’t managed to catch Fluffers getting on to this perch, and I want to know how she does it.  She doesn’t have normal feathers and hardly any wings; when she gets down from the chair she falls more than flies, landing with a big dump; how does she fly up accurately and perch?

Nonetheless: there she is.  Sleep well, Fluffers.

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    • 🙂 I do feel fortunate.
      As you are a chicken person, you might like to know that Fluffers is the last woman standing of a small cohort of Seramas. She herself thinks she is a member of the family, as in the evening she often sits on the sofa and watches old movies with her owner. In case you would be amused, here is the video made a while back when Fluffers took to playing the piano: (hope the link works). I’m afraid when she is visiting me she doesn’t get any further than the hard floor in the kitchen!

      • She apparently doesn’t think too highly of the sheet music! Our hens used to stroll through our kitchen back in the days when we could let them roam. But it does get messy…

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