It’s all relative


Not entirely sorry to say goodbye to my room this morning.

Plain living and high thinking

Perhaps I should warn any casual readers that Sarum College is emphatically not an hotel. The double rooms are modest, the singles are spartan, and the ‘standard’ rooms are tatty … don’t think I’ve ever seen a carpet as bad as this in public accommodation.  These rooms are awaiting renovation, and goodness they need it. But for those on a strict budget, the tatty rooms have to be the cheapest way of getting clean sheets, warmth, hot water and a large breakfast in the centre of Salisbury (and the better rooms are relatively inexpensive too).

The College itself is a very human institution, and you wake up and walk out past the massive chunk of oak which is the front door straight into that amazing Close.

Uniquely privileged

The houses of course are gracious and you wonder how anyone can afford to maintain and live in them (maybe they too have tatty rooms that the owners can’t afford to update).  But I suppose that my own undistinguished brick box would look palatial to many in this world.

For wall fanciers, here is one of the reasons I forgive the place for being so up itself – a little piece of random wall from the Close:

A stone

and another example.  Look carefully and the numbers will pop out.

A long, long, long time ago

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