Books and legs


Oh – and choirs and fudge.

Sitting between Salisbury cathedral choir on one side and a powerfully-singing companion on the other was a novel experience.  I squawked away happily under cover, as it were, only to have companion tell me later that he could hear every croak. Sigh.

Then legging it round the city so other companion could get her bearings. And tea. And a couple of happy hours in the Sarum College library. We had it to ourselves, spreading strange items out on tables, crawling about on the floor in the darker corners, reading out good bits to one another, and finding bizarre treasures in the bargain sale box.

My suitcase is going to be heavy tomorrow.

Photo update:  from the Chapter House.  I am usually so wowed by the ceiling I forget to take notice of the Genesis story.


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  1. As it happens I am currently reading Barney Norris’s novel ‘Five rivers met on a wooded plain’, in which Salisbury Cathedral features prominently in the landscape. Struggling a bit, to tell the truth.

    • Amused to find that you and Agnes and I are synchronously engaged about Salisbury and the cathedral (lucky me I had the real thing, as neither of you seem to be enjoying the literary renderings). I expect you know the cathedral yourself?

    • It does look heavy going from the snippet I can see online. You can see from Dave’s comment that there’s another literary offering which doesn’t seem to cut the mustard! Yes, I am enjoying. Luckily the money I saved by having the cheapest room has paid for all the books I bought 🙂

  2. Sounds like an intriguing break. Talking Salisbury Cathedral, I manfully struggled my way through Golding’s ‘The Spire’ – think it was too obsessively, intensely masculine for my taste. Enjoy your treasures.

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