The night before Christmas


So there’s food in the kitchen, clean sheets on the beds, fairy lights at the windows, snowflakes on the ceiling, a tree awaiting its apotheosis, and a few nearests-and-dearests wandering about, bringing bottles and pinching the wrapping paper and scissors.  Yes, I’m one of the lucky ones, and intend to enjoy it while it lasts.

Also a time for ghost stories, which I don’t usually like, but there was an exception last night.  It took a little thought to work out why.

sensingOf course:  most people over a certain age will be counting the missing at this time of year, and mine are beginning to gather; not so much ghosts, as holes in the air.  Tomorrow the not-being will be casually interspersed among the official guests at the dinner table.  As a social occasion, I’m quite looking forward to it.


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  1. I’m glad you’re quite looking forward to tomorrow.
    Many a social occasion includes unofficial Banquos at the dinner table.
    Yuletide salutations !

  2. A friend used to play in a Ceili band. They turned up at a rundown local pub. One sat in the audience but was told he couldn’t sit there because it was for Dave. He moved, told that was for someone else. Eventually they discovered about half the seats were kept for people, but when the band started playing, the seats remained empty. They were being kept for former locals who had joined an audience in the afterlife.
    Thanks for the fascinating posts, and have a great Xmas/New year.

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