So in they went


and out they came.


The collective noun is usually ‘parliament’, but I prefer the alternative:  a stare of owls.


This is the green/grey beach clay with added toilet roll; low fired (I’m on a budget here folks) with leftover gone-off raku glaze on the pale ones, and a commercial earthenware glaze on the brown ones.


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    • Thank you – quite pleased for a hastily bashed-up experiment. At least I’ll have something new to put on my contribution to the Christmas tree festival – point of honour to make it different every year. (Still like my death angel better, but will keep that for my own tree.)
      200 tiles sounds a whopper of a project – and I’m guessing that tiles emanating from Pete’s Pots won’t be mundane 🙂

  1. Oh yes, definitely worthy alternatives to yet more angels! We still have a whitish, feathery owl decoration from my childhood, sadly somewhat mauled by one of my mother’s dogs.

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