Shades of greening


This one is a proper challenge to sort out.  When does green shade into gold, grey, blue, brown?  There are always some pieces which you would vow had no location at all in this puzzle, and always gaps which you are convinced could never be filled from the remaining contents of the box.  In the middle, an actual adult conversation is taking place.

1-greenThen there was an indulgence in mud pies with this odd-smelling green grey local clay.  Experiment time.

2-greyAnd a dash to the scenery which turned out to be a stayer as we watched the showers march by.  The sea was red and green.

3-green-red-lavender-apricotWe watched the two kite surfers race in and out through the surf.  One of them is tucked into the photo.



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    • Errr … firing some bits now to 1000 to see what happens. The beach clay usually fires to a palish red/pink if it starts grey or blue, and if the raw clay is brown or red or purple it fires to darker terracotta. On occasions when I find mustard yellow clay, it fires to a very strong dark red – the other form of iron oxide must be prevalent in it. The greeny grey I’m using just now smelled a bit weird and may be a cousin of the one which exploded into a thousand smithereens when I tried it before – probably shale oil in it. No quality control on what comes out of the landslides!

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