Knew I was ailing by the way the blobs were outnumbering the things with holes in the top

1-throwSo I had lunch with these

2-owlyand other birdyness.

3-birdnessIt’s tricky to do simultaneous handles and sneezing, even for these pusillanimous pots

4-handledSo with hail storms thundering down outside I settled for puzzling.  I was repelled by these emasculated unicorns and etiolated females and their very questionable symbolism (a gift – sorry, giver) but was too obstinate not to finish.

5-unicornCash from the charity shop was ok and had all its pieces, which was a surprise,

6-cashand it was interesting to review the Ladybirds, making me remember the comics of childhood, conspicuously post-war even twenty years on.  Also a complete puzzle; good source, if I could remember which shop it was.

7-armedSo I burrowed in the cupboard and found an old favourite, top notch all round, which I do every five years or so, holding my breath to see if any of the pieces have leaked out and been lost.

8-suspenseWill find out soon.  And outside the weather is building.  Hail, I think, again, out there in the buffeting blackness.


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