Lying sideways


Pavilioned in splendour, the stones stood, lay, leaned, balanced, indifferent, sometimes fretted to lace and sometimes rugged as the day the stone was quarried.

Later, disorientated by a new latitude,  I tried to find stars through the glare of the poolside lights and promenade, while Venus shone below a young moon in the west.  Later still, patience picked out Orion in the south eastern sky, lying, familiar yet unfamiliar, on his starry back.

10th November:  the gallery


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  1. You got me with this one. I was absolutely sure “pavilioned in splendour” was a line from Immortal, Invisible – but I see O Worship the King takes the credit. This is a hymn that had slipped from my memory, but I’m glad to report I have been happily singing along to a YouTube version and reacquainted myself. Thank you for that.

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