The doors


Limestone is a gift. A thunder storm or two washed the air and enriched the colour of the stone to gold.

On our hot travels I have not yet taken photos of doors. Doors painted or peeling, wooden, metal, round-headed or square, with lights or arches, panelled or plain. Doors furnished with grilles, windows, gates, goddesses, knobs, key plates, nubbins, reed roller blinds, dolphins.  Front door sized doors and doors twelve feet tall, double doors and garage doors.

Later I plan to post images of today’s hills, stones, domes, streets; but there will not be any doors.

9th November:  the gallery



2 responses »

  1. There are plenty of postcards
    (and posters) for those who crave rectangular subjects !

    Doors (of perception)
    in light inaccessible hid
    … doors we never entered …
    why follow those who did ?

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