Start as you mean to go on


Today’s rule was:  to take only one photograph, choosing it carefully.  How to choose?  On the bright and windy beach I could have captured:

Blue, plain blue
Or crossed cirrus feathers
A white wave frontage breaking for a mile
Scything crosses of gulls, tumbling black of crows, small flippetings of wagtails
The smooth wide sand reflections
The sun dodging in a street of bobbled cumulus
A golden cliff
A white cliff
A cliff painted in turquoise rills by outseepings through the clay
A surfer learning his wave
Zebra stripes of sea foam blown sidling and shivering past
Black sand, cream sand, and the debatable land between
Water pulled by the sun
—–and pushed by the wind
The round stone or the red stone or the white stone of memory or the fossiliferous stone or the lucky flint with a hole in it
A dead end maze of pools and sandbanks, choosing to walk
—–so that I would have to leap an exit or go back
The cold damp boulder on which I sat
A walker standing on the cliff’s edge, too close above an undercut,
—–as I could see and he could not
The beach art found abandoned near the landslip
Or the triad which I made
Tiny round pony hoofmarks made by tiny round ponies (bay and white)
Outcrops of clay with grain as fine as milk

Not being very keen on regulations, I soon decided to break the one-photograph rule, and took no images at all, leaving them scattered on the beach.

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