How to do chain mail armpits


Oh the web is a destroyer and waster of time, I said, clicking through the links, wandering from politics to poetry to the palaeolithic in the heat of an unseasonable night.

Those who actually want to know about the armpits should google Lindybeige.  And YouTube commenters are often dire, but on this occasion I was touched by the long technical discussion of how to use your shield boss to repel boarders.  Also, sorry to whoever* said this, as I couldn’t find my way back to where you made the comment to give you the attribution you deserve, but you have truly given me a new mantra for life:

“Unscrew the flint arrow head and end him rightly.”

An instruction I have taken to heart.

*Postscript: After much hunting: Joshua Lansell-Kenny, whoever and whatever you may be.

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