Put out the night


Neighbours left: out.  Neighbours right: on holiday.  Neighbours down and across: gone to bed.  Cars few, intermittent.  Moon not yet risen.  Stars.

And clouds.  In this hot hush they scarcely move, but loom pallidly upwards into the night, trailing wraiths and rags.  They collect to themselves and exhale the house lights behind, the street lamps over the hill, the Moon below the horizon.  They extinguish the stars; and worse, they put out the dark.

4 responses »

  1. Three sets of neighbours ;
    three sources of light ;
    clouds, this hot hush ;
    three locations of collection
    (behind, over the hill,
    below the horizon).
    No wonder they put out the dark.

    • Real dark is a rare gift, a treasure, a luxury, a bath of consolation. If you are outside with a telescope, obviously. The darkness at the back of the cupboard doesn’t have the same effect at all.

  2. I missed the implicit potential telescopic activity* in the white space between paragraphs …

    * not to mention “twangling”

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