Do you know what it is yet?


Far too many photons dashing about last night; it was a push to find even Vega by eye.  But there was sky, so waste not want not – take out the big scope and the camera.  This is silly for so many reasons, relating to deficiencies in all the equipment, in the observing conditions, and in the photographer, but as dear Mehitabel would say, wotthehell.  (The pictures may be more informative if you click into one for the gallery. Or possibly not.)


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  1. A night out for me too in that bright moonlight, but fell asleep as the swan swept by the bright one and woke to a morning breeze. I like your pics though, far more than I saw. My excuse is that you have the technology, but if I’d been more rigorous with the bins…

    • Nice to see your name pop up, Pete, how are you?
      Fiddling with the *x*x* batteries and camera and jiggling the camera shoe and trying to get a focus were annoying enough to keep me awake. Slept like a baby through quite a lot of Perseids though, chair much too comfy.

  2. I’m fine thanks, you too I trust. I’m still potting a little & paddling a lot, but only dipping a toe into the blog-world. Always read yours, as both words and pictures are always good.
    I had a good Perseid night before the one where I fell asleep, before that wonderful moon became too intrusive. It does hide behind some big trees for us, for a while, which helps a little.

    • Glad to hear that, and I’m sure your paddling is much more energetic than mine. Thanks for continuing to drop in, touched by your interest in my very small activities.
      I too had to hide behind a tree to reduce the moon, not very effective though. The comments on bins make me feel v fortunate to have the scopes – pity about that expensive bit of water, or you could dash round the corner and join the telescope party one evening 🙂

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