Because it is August it is time to look for Perseids on the 11th or 12th (and it could be a good one this year)

Because last night was clear I lay out in the garden in fifteen several garments: including coat, scarf, hat and gloves and a very large blanket

Because this was premature I saw a grand total of four Perseids (but oh, pretty)

Because we are approaching the peak of the shower tonight and tomorrow:

because 1

Because it is August in England:

because 2

Because the cosmos hates me I am going back to Old English tonight:

Sorh cymeð manig ond mislic in manna dream.

(Because Old English is a great language to be miserable in.  Something like: Sorrow comes in many and different ways into men’s happiness. Sententious, but given the alliteration and those gorgeous vowel sounds you can really enjoy your vicarious melancholy.)


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    • I’m touched but also puzzled as this blog is officially and by definition microcosmic … but as such an amazingly faithful follower you are welcome to re-blog if you would like to. I think I found the right button to poke to turn it on.

        • Thank you for your faith, and I hope being English isn’t a pejorative description as one cannot be proud of all we as a nation have got up to down the years (and now). My family is in fact quite mongrel – but maybe that is a necessary entry qualification?

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