In company with the learned


London yesterday:  hot and fuggy.  But we marched over Hungerford Bridge and found our way to Burlington House.  (Click a thumbnail for the gallery)

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    • Got me there. Even doing little bits you’d think would do harm. Evidently the Victorians had a more robust attitude than we do – there are times when I feel we have gone a bit far the other way.

      • I know what you mean. There was a programme about the Staffordshire hoard the other night: Anglo Saxon jewellery that had lain in mud and muck for 1,500 years, and they were wearing latex gloves to handle it.

        • I notice that some library/museum people now say that it’s better to handle delicate old books with bare hands (so long as well washed) as sense of touch is blunted by gloves and it’s more likely the pages will be torn.

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