Only one mistake


Just harvested the last pick of Douce Provence and the first big pick of Lord Leicester.  I am only sorry not to have planted more, but I have a random packet of Kelvedon which claims they can be sown in July for a late crop, so let’s test that proposition …

I’d be a happier pea picker if it wasn’t that the Araneus diadematus are beginning to hang themselves up in the pea plants like evil blackberries. (Before anyone tells me not to be wussy about harmless little invertebrates, these brutes have fangs, and they can and do BITE.)  And because gardens always have to rub it in about Eden, there is a distinct smell of fish wafting about, which must mean a corpse concealed in the undergrowth.  I am quite keen not to tread in it.

Meantime:  I’ve been eating peas nearly every day for a fortnight or three weeks; anyone want to bet I can’t eat these by tomorrow night?


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    • It’s been so hot and dry – the peas are finishing sooner than they should too. If we don’t get some rain soon I’ll have to get the hose out at huge expense as the water butts are nearly empty.

    • The drizzle seems to have given us precisely 1 watering-can-full so far. Had to get hose out for peas yesterday (but rewarded with luscious juicy peas today).

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