Cross with the cosmos


The ruling passion has been snubbed by the cosmos once too often and I am off on another tack, muttering crossly:  See if I care.

So it’s back to Old English, in abeyance for a while, but a fair bit of the earlier efforts seem to have stuck. It would probably make more sense to go backwards from Chaucer (easy enough), through Middle English (acquiring archaic forms and spelling by increments), and fetch up in the truly obscure (Bede and Alfred).  Unfortunately the attraction is the properly old Old.

1 languageSince a little Bede goes a long way when you have to look up the pronunciation for four out of five words and check the meaning of half of them, some history could be a good side-by-side read.  This is left over from a previous life

2 substantialbut is heavy in every sense of the word.  So I had a Bargain in Waterstones with my loyalty points

3 solvedand then in the local cheap and cheerful found another, even better, Bargain.  Really did not expect to find anything relevant there.

4 serendipitousUnfortunately one thing led to another.

5 unfortunateShhh.  I’m reading…

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