A plant pot fell on my head


… complete with plant and compost.  This was an obvious cue to re-pot all my large house-plants, which now look ravaged owing to my brisk way with the scissors, but again I am relying on their marvellous green resilience.

ravagedCompost on the head was also a (less obvious) cue to sort and re-shelve about 40% of the books – my fiction has not been in alphabetical order since 2013.  Worrying about this sounds prissy until you need your Very Favourite Most Comforting Read* at short notice and can’t find it because it has randomly gone to ground somewhere among 382 other items.

*Complicated by the fact that the Very Favourite Most Comforting Read varies according to circumstances.


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  1. I’ve ended up with two copies of the same book for just that reason. And – whisper it – I used to be a librarian.

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