Standards are slipping


Demoralised failures:

Ordered TWO batches of knitting yarn before breakfast.  Extravagance, and it’s once more becoming a challenge to ram home the cupboard doors on the stash.

Found some ground rice with a use by of 2013.  Not auditing kitchen stores – another black mark.  But as I wanted to cook shortbread, I merely inspected it for crawlers trying to make an exit, then tipped it in.

magnificationGreed.  Ate a lot of shortbread.

shortbreadThe standard of shortbread remains unslipped.


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  1. Well done. use by dates seem often wide of the mark. I downed a bottle of Belgian beer the other night that was over 2 years past its sell by date. Expected it to explode or make me sick. It and I were fine. Living life in the fast lane!

    • I’m not too strict about dates but I’m a bit more wary about dry goods since I found a massive weevil population in some overlooked bird seed. They POURED out of the bag across the worktop and up the walls and down the cupboards – yerch!

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