The era of the pencil manufacturer


O to be a pencil manufacturer in 2016.  Or any time in the last few years.  Since it became cool for adults to do colouring in, what fun pencil sellers must have had.

This is my new set.  I fended off the temptation to buy 60 top-of-the-range.

1 36Of course you have to do some colouring in to test the performance, and I found a bit in a book about traditional patterns which lent itself to this exercise.  I’m not a fan of colouring past a certain point,

2 find a bookbut when I’m too fidgety to be passive and too tired to be creative, I admit to liking the half-way house offered by Quentin Blake, which invites you to play,

3 beforeand I had to buy 36 pencils because his book comes with one black and one red pencil, (for perfectly sensible reasons), and sometimes only the exactly correct shade of green will do.  I fear this one came out a bit moralistic.

4 after

5 companyIt is like attenuated company too.

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  1. Once said the Pencil Museum in Keswick was the place of last resort in bad weather. When it happened it was fascinating.

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