The current fad is for twiddle muffs.  The local hospital is appealing for some, to comfort the restless hands of patients with dementia, so I thought I would try one.  I hope they do work for the patients.

1 twiddling

I can no longer sit down in the conservatory.  Every surface is full of seedlings, and now the recliner is filled up as well.  I was using up old seeds and thought the germination rate would be down, so I sowed an excess.  I think every seed must have germinated … especially the radicchio.

2 not sitting

The latest firing produced the second round of lace pots and porcelain bud vases.  One of the lace planters slithered through my hands, fell, and struck the concrete with a sounding clang.  Bizarrely, it then bounced, and was neither marked nor cracked.  That high fired stoneware delivers value sometimes.

3 tough

This vase looks like a teeny tiny cooling tower:

4 power station


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    • Thank you 🙂 I hope the recipients like the pots too.
      I’m not sure how good the evidence for the benefit of twiddle muffs is, but has to be worth a try – imagine hospital literally not knowing where you are or what to do with yourself (bad enough when in full possession of one’s faculties).

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