Why is Turner dead when you want him?


Bismuth Yellow
Winsor Yellow
Turner’s Yellow
Cadmium Yellow Deep
Rose Madder Genuine
Prussian blue
Cobalt Turquoise
Winsor Green (Blue Shade)
Naples Yellow Deep
Venetian Red
Potters Pink
Perylene Maroon
Caput Mortuum Violet
Payne’s Gray
Davy’s Gray
Ultramarine Violet
Burnt Sienna
Indian Red
Light Red
Permanent Geranium Lake
Rose Dore
Cobalt Green
Winsor Green (Phthalo)

Winsor & Newton have good names, but not good enough.  The sun glanced, low and randomly filtered, through a line of showers, creating unearthly intensities of colour in the cliff face, the sea and the clouds, while even the grass took on a strange disturbing hue.  The ruler of the horizon parted the placid land and sea from the turbulence of the sky. And, going home, the pallid cats’ eyes in the road caught fire and coruscated with the last few rays of the sun.

And no: the camera can’t do it either.



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