Things to do when you can’t sleep: lxii


lxii  :  Grab and go

At 4.00 it was deplorably clear that sleep would not come again.  By 4.10 the legs were being stuffed into thermals.  At 4.15 I was saying good morning to the Summer Triangle.  And at 4.20 the 5″ and I, randomly embraced, went teetering out of the front door in the dark like Laurel and Hardy.

Saturn and Mars are both tucked down in Scorpius.  Mars in particular is making Antares look feeble; opposition is next month.  It should be possible to observe some planetary detail by now, but the scope and I were both bleary from our sudden bounce from cosiness to cold, and there was no time to get clever with either planet.  Saturn too is approaching (opposition in June) though unfortunately it will not be high in the sky even then – I always have trouble observing Scorpius as it tends to get tangled in the local trees.

By 5.00 the cosmos was vanishing into the unmeaning blue.  Although dawn was coming in at 3°, and the grass was stiff with frost, summer must be on the way.


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  1. not sleeping can have its bonuses. I caught a glimpse of an Aurora Borealis a week or so ago.
    Seeing the dawn is so uplifting…when it isn’t raining!

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