Not very obedient


I wanted a calm and mindless task to round off the day.  Sieving compost: just the ticket, and I’m late with the vegetable sowings.  Collecting up the equipment and various bags of ingredients, one thing was inexplicably missing.  Soon I was stomping about.  “Vermiculite!  Now WHERE are you?”  Stomp.  Rummage.  Open doors.  Poke.  “Where have you GONE?”  Close doors.  Stomp.

It was time to learn another sad life lesson.  Vermiculite is not obedient.  It doesn’t come when it’s called.


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  1. My garden tools have started to play a similar trick on me. I use them, put them down, turn round to pick them up again a few minutes later – and they’ve vanished. Simple tasks become fraught with exasperation. Gardening isn’t as relaxing as it used to be.

  2. Hide and seek seems to be the favorite game of all those useful supplies, doesn’t it? The minute your back is turned, they scuttle off and find some improbable place to roost in. Then they sit very very still, smirking to themselves as they think how well they blend into the background.

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