The localest local:

1 localThe cliffs show their best colours on the first sunny day after rough scouring.

2 scrubbedA boulder offered a superlatively tailored bottom-shaped recess to sit in (though rather damp) while I admired the delicate cross-bedding revealed in another.

3 cross beddingBeyond, the sea, placid now, though still heavy with the clay ripped up by the recent storms.  Every now and then a parcel of more energetic water elevated itself into long parallel corrugations,  subtly striped, purple-tan on each wave face and shining blue in the troughs.  They splashed and frothed with a pretence of fierceness, then gave way to the sighing indolent wavelets behind.

4 elevate 5 splashHome, with token bits of driftwood.

6 many eyed

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