Knitting horse blankets


Not my favourite kind of knitting, but sometimes useful.  The gloomy Scandinavian detectives have failed me though, because you can’t read subtitles when sewing up.  And I hate sewing up.

1 horse blanketNot entirely by coincidence, I have bought and borrowed a number of audiobooks.

2 audio 3 audio 4 audio 5 audioThat should see me right.

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  1. I see you’ve struck lucky with Jonathan Keeble as one of the narrators. Talented reader and a beautiful voice. He’s in my top five. Perhaps a bit odd, but I keep two lists of readers in my pocket when I visit the library. That’s a long list of acceptable narrators and a short, but in capitals list of voices I can’t stand!!! A bad reading can ruin a great book.

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