Not walking


There have been no beach walk photographs recently because I’ve not been beach walking.

1 not walking

Apart from the obvious seasonal problem of there not being any beach to walk on, the land has disgorged the steps leading to my favourite bay, and the sea is now patiently demolishing them.

2 ruination

Here it comes again.

3 sea

(My companion’s camera coped with the February murk better than mine.)


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  1. Wow. Am rereadng The Men of Dunwich. I think it said your part of the world has 60 foot of sand and gravel on top of rock, hence so much storm damage. Terrifying. Makes Somerset look like the alps.

    • We do have some sandy stuff, but also clay which slithers when there is a lot of rain. The toe of each landslip acts as a buttress for a while, then the sea erodes the slumped material back, no more buttressing, and it all starts to move again. Rising sea levels will make things interesting. (Glad I live a little way inland.)

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