Two of everything


Last night: Two tops; two skirts; two pairs of leggings; two coats; double socks; two hats.  Only one pair of boots though, only one pair of fingerless gloves. It took half an hour to put it all on, and then I could barely bend in the middle, which was a pity as Jupiter was just rising and the telescope was almost horizontal.  As the planet rose this became easier and I tried to tease detail out of the image, swapping different eyepiece and filter combinations in and out, and as usual cursing the moon, the motorists, and the neighbours who would insist on going to the bathroom with the light on.  It wasn’t a classic night, but I watched the end of Io’s transit (fuzzy in the low level murk), could distinguish the knotty appearance of the north equatorial belt, and eventually began to see the Great Red Spot appearing over the limb of the planet.  Mem to self:  practise collimation.  Between times I did a bit of binocular work, drank tea, and watched frost settle on the car.  When I found that the seat where my bottom wasn’t was covered in hoar frost, it was time for bed.  It took half an hour to take it all off …

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