Remember Langora?


Q:  What do you do when you find a large chunk of half-done knitting, and can’t remember what pattern you were knitting to?

A:  Start yet another jumper, of course.

not knittingNow I have got past the 20 skeins mark with the alpaca, I want to do a prototype jumper for it.  The yarn I am spinning is some nameless slubby thick-and-thin weight, but probably nearest to 4-ply.  I picked out an ancient pattern for Jaeger’s Langora yarn which I must have knitted up some time in the 80s, a lambswool and angora mix which was a big purchase for me in those days – but oh the delectable pale green haloed cloud that filled my lap while I worked upon it. It made a lovely gift, if I say so myself.

now knittingThis is a very plain pattern, Jaeger having correctly decided that their yarn required no blobs or bibbons to show it off.  I’m making it up now in a mohair/acrylic mix, very déclassé by comparison with its Langora predecessor, but I hope the slight hairiness and the random effects in the yarn will stand in well for the far more precious alpaca.  I like fine knitting but must admit I was glad to get past the 4000 stitches of rib on twelves and reach the easier ground of stocking stitch on tens.

Meantime there were lots of Escape Pod stories, and enough tea to get from Wight to Cromarty, and from Fair Isle to Fitzroy.

shipping forecast

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