Things to do when you can’t sleep: lix and lx


lix  :  Write a poem about purple alpaca

Now I come to read that title, it sounds as if I was writing a pastiche of the great and legendary purple cow poem to join the herd which already exists.  But I wasn’t.

And it didn’t work; two fairly satisfying couplets and a restless hour later, I had to fall back on the boringly traditional –

lx  :  Drink Ovaltine at three a.m.

   –     which did.

1 the purple 2 the 3am mug

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  1. When I was at school there was an annual local cricket knockout tournament sponsored by Ovaltine. Each player in the winning team in the final got a tube of Ovaltine ‘sweets’. Joke was that the losers got two.

    • Must have missed out on those little treats. Perhaps they were specially reserved for cricket players. I used to like Ovaltine as a very small child because if you floated a spoonful on milk and then put sugar on top, the whole thing would turn turtle. There was a lightbulb moment when I finally worked it out. Science for three year olds.

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