In mournful ritual the two of us put on Galaxy Quest, rollicking blissfully through all its joyous spoofs (and I am a first-generation Star Trek watcher, AD 1969 or so).  Quest could never have been in the same league with a different Dr Lazarus.  Can one imagine it minus the world weary air, the curling lip, the voice fit for Shakespeare emerging from among rubber gills?  And priceless:  Alex / Lazarus encased in blue slime.  When the credits rolled, we said goodbye, and hugged each other consolingly, sharing the sadness.

blue slime

So now I’m alone I’ll run Truly Madly,  and perhaps if I iron the sheets at the same time I won’t snivel very much.


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    • I quite like it that the effects aren’t too slick – makes another link with the early Star Trek and its polystyrene sets. There were so many memorable Rickman roles. Do you remember Mr Slope? Eeuw!

  1. Ah Galaxy Quest – can’t imagine anybody else so accurately hitting that rather English superior yet defeated quality. Don’t think I could manage Truly at the mo. It’s been a sobering week for those of us who wore out our cassette players rewinding Starman, Jean Genie and Rebel Rebel.

  2. A brilliant film on so many levels, and yes, Rickman sadly missed. will be holed up for most of the weekend for the 6music Bowieathon. Not until you hear all the stuff he did, all the people he worked with is it possible to grasp the level of mass grief and why. Even if you’re not a fan, how much money did Bowie bring into this country? He lived and died with such panache. and still producing new, challenging work – Visconti’s got 5 new songs he hoped to finished before the big clock in the sky ran out for David.

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