Furry blue yoga


Still pouring and blowing. In desperation we headed for tourism.  Torrents of rain on the roof almost prevented us hearing ourselves speak, and the sky was so heavy at 11am that even in the huge glasshouses we found we had invented a new game:  find-the-animal-sitting-six-yards-away-from-you-in-the-dark.  Thus, apologies for the photos.  I’ve had to tweak the exposures.  (Click for the gallery.)

At this point I decided on my favourite animal of the day: the loris.  Modestly sized, elegantly clad, tail-less, large-eyed, they moved slowly and cautiously but at the same time with a kind of boneless certainty, taking a firm grasp with each handhold, and moving with equal composure whether climbing upright or head first vertically downwards. Eschewing the acrobatics of monkeys, they seemed to be undertaking some sort of contemplative yoga exercise, stretching into unlikely poses and occasionally performing splits with their hind legs at about 230°, sometimes lifting mournful faces to the blue light in case you thought they were being funny.   (Click into an image for the gallery –  a primitive animation.)

How I wished my camera could cope with the blue lighting; it would have been just too mean to use flash.

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    • Thanks – at the time I just took a number of photos because I was so unsure any of them would come out – then when I saw how the images were like a flicker book I wished I’d taken a few more. Good excuse to visit the loris again.

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