All day I was itching to escape and visit the sea.  Made it at about 4.15, and we sat in the car park and admired the ponderous clay-filled rollers as they took the storm beach in their stride and battered the base of the cliff.  Then a squall came over, black as the inside of your hat and full of ice:

1 squall

As the car rocked and rolled I felt more secure for having my companion as added ballast against the violence outside.  The hail reduced itself to huge splots of rain, driven horizontally along the glass:

2 clearing

We did not leave our small glass and tin cubicle, watching with some horror as a couple of dog-walkers headed off towards the incoming blackness of the next onslaught.  What were they thinking? A few minutes later the second squall caught us on the road home.

3 squall


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