A better Boxing Day


We dug out what used to be a good tablecloth before it was covered with tie dyed jellyfish (story too old, long and silly), and industriously turned them into batiked bacteria.  At least we hope we have; won’t know if the wax will resist the new dye successfully until we try. And even then, how in the world am I to get the wax out?  Still, one problem at a time … first I have to think of how to get the dye in.  It’s a very big tablecloth.

bacteria other bacteria other other bacteriaWe like to think they have a certain authenticity thanks to Google.

Before any sensible reader wonders, ‘why bacteria on a tablecloth?’ the answer is that they are commensal.  And to anyone who merely wonders ‘why??’ I have to say that as a family pastime it was much more fun than Monopoly.


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    • Definitely with you on the board games. Found I was spelling ‘bored’ games – Freudian slip there I think! Indoor boules on a wonky floor was more fun though – saying things like, ‘the jack has gone underneath the telescope, you’ll have to get your boule to turn sharp left round the end of the sofa…’

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