This evening friend and I trogged off to a nearby village church for their nine lessons and carols.  Here we were: small stone church, the epitome of English villageyness; a great splurge of candlelight (I counted more than a hundred flames); evergreens, red and silver baubles, ribbons, crib; robed cleric, choir of respectable seniors.  Cosy, yes?

Well, yes. But the singing, more determined than tuneful (and I definitely contributed to the untunefulness) was not a performance but an enactment, and the not very skilled flute, tenor recorder and fiddle gave an edge to the organ music.  Brownie points for having no Rutter and a careful assortment of familiar and unfamiliar songs.  Moreover, the lessons and carols put the government-by-an-occupying-power, the mass infanticide and some other uncomfortable elements (such as sin and crucifixion) back into Christmas.

Radio 3 is broadcasting a lavish assortment of European classical and folk Christmas music today, and I turned the programme on again when I got in.  Suddenly it sounded anodyne.

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    • Hello and thank you. Perhaps you could also kindly wish me an electrician who will actually turn up and put in my kiln elements? Large backlog! Take care in 2016 (good grief) and I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your pots when you have time to post.

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