Pattering of tiny feet


Another ridiculous December occupation:  cutting the grass, which in the persisting mild weather has grown on regardless, and in today’s violent wind swished like a small extract from the Great Prairie.  It looked vile once the mower savaged it, and the rain came on before the job was finished, but the top did come off the most lank growth and so life may be a little easier when the first cut of the new year comes around.

1 grassMore consequences of mild weather:  the pigs love carrot tops.

2 topsMore of them:

3 big and tinyThe seramas are here again.  After being penned for the day, they arrive in the kitchen to air off before bed.  I gave them some exercise by throwing crumbs, and they skittered and skidded up and down the lino, executing tiny sliding tackles upon one another, and looking indignantly at me when I laughed.

4 chooksThey do make little contributions to their keep.

5 very small


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  1. how absolutely delightful! Do you have to wash the floor a lot? And how do you keep the fox at bay? I have been wanting chickens for years but have several very tame foxes and a few grumpy badgers sharing my garden

    • Their owners have a well-weighted-down run in the garden for them (don’t think it would keep a badger out) but they come into the house at night – they are more delicate than full-size fowls. Yes, you do have to keep the loo roll at the ready; but they are very funny little characters, and seem affectionate. The owners let them sit on the sofa and watch TV in the evening!

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