Ill omened



It was well done; but I did feel that the film had exaggerated the novel’s resemblances to Jane Eyre.  Of course du Maurier was influenced by Brontë;  but even if she had chopped off one of Max de Winter’s arms and poked his eyes out (and let’s face it, Charlotte Brontë would think it served him right) these would still be two very different novels.  Du Maurier does not have the same moral compass, let alone any appeal to a just deity;  the result is that the resolution of Rebecca is much darker and more ambiguous than Jane Eyre.  Perhaps the team producing the TV version could not cope with so much nihilism, and tried to graft on an allusion to the older novel to make their ending more cheerful than it is on the page.

I was sustained in the writing of this post by a monumental Bath bun.  How I am to accommodate any dinner is as yet a puzzle.


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