Peopled out


Back from the writing weekend.  Not sure that I enjoyed it as much as the contemplation through photography session back in the summer, but the tutor was well organised and also kept her half-trained and wholly miscellaneous team quite well in hand – at least, they certainly never bolted with her.  And the commitment to attend made me pick up a pencil and drop into poetry with a vengeance, which was after all the main point of the exercise.

There wasn’t much time to get about in Salisbury and the weather was mis, but the cathedral came in handy.

Home; and for the first time this winter lit a fire, which burned awkwardly as if it was out of practice, and then roared up the chimney.

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    • Indeed. The stimulus is always worth something, even if it doesn’t address the questions you are interested in and doesn’t answer the questions it DOES address – mind you this one had too large a subject to do anything except raise unanswered questions. And after a couple of days of raised consciousness with all that carry-on, a bit of a downer to be back to the mundanities of life.

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